7 Photography Tips to Click CHAMP like Pictures!

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Are you on professional social networks? If yes, then here is a fun fact: 55% of communication happens using nonverbal signals including your profile picture. Discover our seven tips for getting useful profile photo and make a good first impression.

Prefer a photo portrait (from head to shoulders) new, quality and color. You should be shown only in a rewarding position and a neutral decor: Avoid photos taken in the evening or during a family event. Banish the self-portrait (or “selfie“), currently very trendy. If you’re serious about your business, then make sure you get a professional photograph from a professional photographer. If you’re not willing to go to a professional photographer then make sure you use the proper camera which helps you. Here is a good list of camera that you should look for –¬†https://reviewsbyexpert.com/best-vlogging-cameras/


Look after your appearance

“Clothes do not make the man but without proper clothes, you can’t enter monastery!” Mastering your image is essential to deliver the right message.

On a professional photo, maintain dress codes related to business.
If in doubt, choose a shirt or top with V-neck or round slightly flared – no turtleneck. Be careful not to sound too sexy.

Make sure you cover your arms and shoulders. Use of a jacket works best!

What colors to your outfit?

Depending on your natural colorimetry (skin color, that of your eyes and your hair), certain colors suits more than others: the chosen color must sublimate you!

Know, very synthetic and comprehensive manner, the cool tones that enhance your face:
– If you have a pale white complexion or very clear rose, you hardly tan and catch sunburn;
– If you have very white skin and black hair and that your tan is clear;
– Or, if your skin color is black ebony.

Choose, for example, black, white, blue, purple, plum, burgundy, pine green, gray, violet and silver accessories.

Conversely, the warm tones are promoting around your face:
– If your complexion is clear golden light, has freckles and your tan is lightly browned;
– Or even if your skin is matte light brown and you quickly tan.

Choose, for example, white, browns, shades of orange, yellow, hot green as khaki green and gold accessories.

Also, if you want to know exactly the colors that bring your value, you can make an appointment with an image consultant. You will discover through your test custom color, your type, and colors to emphasize your loved clothes face, your makeup, your accessories and your hair color.


For your photography, avoid wearing bright colors (red, yellow, orange) or too light (white, beige, gray), especially if you are photographed in front of a white background, it might not suit you. Indeed, the bright colors have a tendency to attack the eye of your contact and will prevail over your face, while the lighter unwell will highlight you.

Finally, if you choose to wear a dark top and you work in trade or communication activities, opt for a jacket or colored accessory to personalize your look and give a dynamic image.

If, however, you work in sectors such as finance and insurance, prefer a dark jacket and a top light color to reflect a strict picture but both accessible.

hairstyle photography

Your hairstyle

Your hair will be styled with a light volume for a dynamic effect. Remember to make an appointment with your stylist if you need to revive your cut or color.

Brushing or curly hair? Depending on the desired effect and your position within your business, know that straight hair brings the rigor, while the wavy or curly hair give off smoothly. On your photo, your face will be highlighted, not hidden behind your beautiful hair.

Your makeup

Phase essential for a healthy glow! Not to seem too bland to the spotlight, your makeup will be slightly supported than usual.

Here are some tips for your makeup:

– Apply foundation a shade over half of your skin tone.
– A neutral free mattifying powder to soften the brightness
blush for its healthy glow.
– The matte eyeshadow (not iridescent: the glitter effect is reserved for evenings).
– Black mascara to intensify your eyes and red lips in natural color or rosewood (no gloss failing to attract too much attention to your lips).


Your accessories

Accessories are always welcome in the small key. Stay sober. Prefer a pair of pearl earrings to brighten your face, like a necklace end disposed in the hollow of your neck.

If you choose a long necklace, make sure that it is not the necklace who draws, finally, all the attention.

What poses adopt?

Your photo should show you at your best. Have an attitude neither too strict nor too relaxed but open and dynamic posture. Take a three-quarter position. Back straight, turn your head to the target and release your shoulders. Keep your eyes open and lift your chin to expose your face to the light better.

Smile, you’re photographed!

Stay as natural as possible. Smile but not too much. Show yourself friendly but always professional!

If you are not comfortable in front of the goal, you can smile slightly revealing your teeth or keeping the mouth closed and very expressive.


Final words – make sure you’re relaxed and not tensed about the whole thing. Enjoy the process and use the best resources to help enhance your whole experience. If you have any questions then drop in a comment below or visit our friends site here – reviewsbyexpert.com.

Hope you had fun reading this article!